Attempted Puppy Homicide

I was driving down the street tonight in a blue convertible.

(more on why I have a convertible later)

Anyway, the top was down, the wind in my hair and the music blaring, I looked back on what can only be described as one of the worst days ever.

I woke up much earlier then expected as bagel couldn’t walk.

So, I took him to the vet and found out that the pour guys muscles had atrophied while he was in the cage all last week hooked up to the IV drip.

I got bagel back home safe and proceeded to give him his medications.

Two syringes with some stuff. .4 and .7 CCs respectively.

Bagel was calm and cool as I gave those to him.

The next step was a little bit complicated.

I needed to take a 10 milligram tablet of Pepcid and give bagel a 1/4 pill.

That means 2.5 milligrams.

I used a pull cutter and opened bagel’s mouth and put the pill in.

Mission accomplished.

About a half an hour later, bagel started shaking and dry heaving.

I figured he was just sick and ignored it.

Three hours later, I had heartburn.

Went into the Walmart bag from last night and got the Zantac Bottle.

But, it was opened.

The Pepcid was still sealed.

See my problem?

Basically, I gave bagel 35 milligrams of Zantac.

Not good.

So, I left the house and went to Pacific Beach.

As I pulled into the parking spot, I saw my life flash before my face.

A large black Nissan SUV was reversing onto my car.

I couldn’t get out of the way as I would have had to drive into incoming traffic.

So, my car gets totaled, I am all shook up and apparently the guy who hit me was Jeff Spicoli.

The surfer dude was all calm and collected and didn’t have his insurance info on him.

I called the police and they said they don’t have the man power to come out.

Finally, Spicoli got his insurance information.

But, he didn’t give it to me.

Said an 800 number and his license and cell phone will be ok.

I missed Hebrew school, and now don’t have a car.

Finally, at 9pm I made it to the rental car place and got myself a ride.

The guy felt bad for me.

20 bucks for a Seabring convertible.

Put the top down and cruised down the coast.

As the wind hit my face, I realized that despite the bad day I still had my life, my dog and at least for the next 48 hours a great car.

(for bagel’s version click here)

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