World Record Baseball Game Redsox Dodgers

World Record Baseball Game Redsox Dodgers

I am so mad at Sprint.

I woke up this morning.

Well really the afternoon but it was morning in Hawaii.

Went to use my phone.

It didn’t work.

Dragged my tired self to the Sprint store and got another one.

Ok, if it was that easy I would not be writing about it.

I actually waited in line for an hour.

Then argued for an hour.

In between there was some yelling and screaming.

Finally, I had a new phone.

With no numbers of course.

So, I get home and then I have to deal with the IT department in New York.

They were cool.

Probably wanted to go drinking since I called them up at 5:00 their time.

But, they stayed on the line and helped me out.

Wonder if they will be pissed on Monday when I call them back and tell them that I am reformatting my hard drive and need their help configuring the VPN again?


That was nerd speak.

So, Shorty and I went to a movie.

21 – Bringing Down The House.

It was really good, however, if you read the book, note the book was better.

I am so spoiled.

After being in California, I don’t think that Kate Bosworth is that hot.

She is a San Diego 7.

Maybe a Boston 10, but I can see hotter chicks any day.

I love Cali.

Then it was dinnertime.



5 beef ribs (yes still kosher mom), macaroni salad & cole slaw.

Also, they had diet Sprite and Fresca in the fountain.

So happy.

So much heartburn.

But anyway.

Tomorrow I go to LA to see the Dodgers play the Redsox.

It’s only an exhibition game, but it is supposed to break two world records.

I can’t wait.

Hot dogs, peanuts and Joe Torre.

It’s almost like a Yankee game for me.


I am going to a Yankees Redsox game in La tomorrow.

Kind of.

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