Paul Murad Gets Engaged Jews Eat Soup

Paul Murad Gets Engaged Jews Eat Soup

Another day of being sick.

I woke up around 12:30, felt weak, but still managed to eat a few pieces of candy and a salad.

Wandered around the house, almost in a daze, trying to shake off this bug that I got, but a 20 minute shower and cup of tea, almost made me feel better.


So, I head to the car, get in, turn it on, crank the radio, start to drive.

What was that rattle?

Stop the car, turn down the radio and start driving again.



I go outside and see that my rear tire was flat.

What does this genius do?

I didn’t have time to call AAA and was to weak to change the tire.


Who am I kidding?

I just didn’t feel like it and didn’t want to get dirty.

So, I drove to the closest tire place, resigned that it was going to cost me a fortune.

But, someone was smiling down on me, because I still had a warranty on the tire and the whole thing cost $6.00.

Finally, I made it to Hebrew School, where I ate jelly beans and taught about passover.

Then home.

So nauseous.

Need chicken soup.

Shorty and I were watching TV on the couch.

The Millionaire Matchmaker to be exact.

Who did I see on it?

My friend Paul Murad.

Yup, the same Paul Murad who entertained me while I was in Vegas a few weeks ago.

Apparently Patti Stanger was fixing him up with a nice Jewish girl.


It’s funny how small a world this is. wanted her to to be featured, but we never got in touch.

Now that I know she is dating paul, I never would have asked.

But anyway, Fat Jewish Guy, wishes Skinny Jewish Millionaire and Hot Jewish Girl luck.

I hope they are registered at Walmart.

By the way, Paul has a book.

Buy it.

My book comes out next week.


But first chicken soup.

Go Hillary!

“Bitch is the new black!”

Happy birthday grandpa……..We miss you.

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