Hillary was never called the N word

Hillary was never called the n word

I am starting to love this whole political thing.

It’s almost as good as sports.

Almost as good as the Yankees fighting the Devil Rays (rematch tomorrow).

But anyway.

It’s Friday.

The anti-biotics are working and I am almost back to normal.

What a week.

Shorty and I capped it off with dinner.

A Mexican shabbos fiesta.

Carne asada and rice.

Of course Shorty ruined the rice.

But, it was great to just sit down, watch some TV and relax.

Isn’t that what the sabbath is for?

Then we went out for frozen yogurt.

Then back to TV watching.

Oh, yeah we built a desk from Ikea.

I mean…..

She built a desk from Ikea.

(I was useless)

As I think more about the title of today’s blog, I start and wonder about myself.

I guess no one has ever called Fat Jewish Guy the N-Word before.

The Jewish Richard Prior maybe.

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