Hamas Hates Obama Shirts

Hamas Hates Obama Shirts

Why did I write that headline?

Why would Hamas hate Obama shirts?

Well, that’s because after today’s deplorable terrorist attack in Jerusalem I believe just that.

Hamas or other terrorist organizations would never allow an Obama Shirt that says, “Bro’s Before Hos.”

Never would they allow a shirt that says, “I got a crush on Obama.”

Can you imagine an “Asad Girl” video?

Neither can I.

These terrorists, (and they are terrorists, not freedom fighters.) try and scare the Jews and the Israeli people into giving back land.

Believe me when I say, that we would give back all land including Jerusalem tomorrow for lasting peace.

But, that won’t happen.

All these people want is to keep taking and taking, killing and murdering until there are none of us left.

Luckily, I live in America, where I am somewhat safe from these senseless acts of violence.

But, my friends and family are not so fortunate.

I live in a country where I can get half price steak fajitas at a chain Mexican restaurant.

It’s called Chevy’s and I got some tonight and they were delicious though the service sucks.

But regardless.

I am off point.

We must stop these people from getting what they want.

Otherwise there will be no more Obama Shirts to wear.

No more BarelyPolitical videos of hot chicks dancing.

No more cheap Mexican food.

And most important.

No more Fat Jewish Guy to amuse you.

My heart goes out to the murder victims of today’s attacks.

There was no need for it.

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