Did Paul Murad Get Scammed On Millionaire Matchmaker

Paul Murad Gets ScammedDid Paul Murad Get Scammed
So, as we all know I have been a big fan of The Millionaire Matchmaker on Bravo.

We also know that I know one of the millionaires, Paul Murad.

So, imagine my surprise when I found out that The Millionaire Matchmaker show is Fake.

Maybe not fake, but definitely Patti Stanger did not screen her girls good enough.

Take Cidney Carson.

That is the nice Jewish Girl who met Paul Murad.

Nice Jewish Girl?

How about HOT Jewish Playboy Model.


You can see Cidney Carson naked.

Right Here

Sorry Paul Murad.

I saw your girl Naked.

But, at least I didn’t sleep with her, which apparently I could do with the other girl that was on your episode.

Yup, for 300 dollars an hour we can all sleep with the other girl from the episode.

TMZ reports that you can get her here

I guess marrying a millionaire is better than charging per hour.


Hookers, Jewish Playboy Models and Vegas Millionaires.

This show is awesome.

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