Sunset Tan Janelle Perry Loves Fat Jewish Guy

Sunset Tan Janelle Perry Loves Fat Jewish Guy.

Sorry mom.

I am in love with a shiksa.

Janelle is perfect.

Think she would appreciate our family dinners?

Think Janelle would enjoy the 5 course meals?

Or do you think she might just nibble on the Carpas while we pig out on meatballs, turkey, brisket, kasha, bow ties, soup, matzah balls and then dessert?

I don’t know the answer either.

After drinking two cups of liquid candy. (hot chocolate, banana latte, vanilla cappuccino)

I tried to actually eat healthy today.

So, I made myself 4 chicken thighs and 2 heads of lettuce.

Then I had 5 chicken fingers.

Two ice pops.

3 candy bars.

ok…I tried to eat healthy.

Mom…I found the one.

Be happy for me.

Janelle Perry from Sunset Tan.

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