Stacey Steele Does Not Send Valentines Cards

Stacey Steele Does Not Send Valentines Cards

What’s the deal?

I waited.


Waited some more.

But nothing.

Stacey Steele did not send me anything for Valentines Day.

Finally she called around 5 pm.

Sorry she said.

I’ll make up for it in Florida.

Whatever Stacey.

I am a man.

I am sensitive.

As Justice Scalia said yesterday in an interview, “I have feelings.”

Oh well.

It rained anyway today.

Traffic was at a standstill.

I had plenty of time to think about things.


If the feds prosecute Roger Clemens for perjury and he is found not guilty, does hat mean that the other guy was lying?

If Britney Spears’ dad wants to spend all her cash on the worlds biggest gum ball can he do that?

If Bush pardons Clemens before he is indited is that called throwing a game?

Why was there another college shooting today?

Why did McDonalds take away super sized meals?

The last one really bothered me.

So, I ate my Valentines day chocolate and pouted.


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