Obama Shirts Are Like Butter On Pizza

Obama Shirts Are Like Butter On Pizza

I know that the above sentence may be a little disjointed.

It is kind of hard to visualize butter on pizza, let alone why they would taste like Obama shirts.

However, let me tell you that I had pizza dipped in butter today and it was….

Relax, we will get to that later.

today started off great.

Two calls at 9am sharp and then a few episodes of Law and order while I did a few things that I had been needing to do for a while.

Then, I headed off to teach some Hebrew school.

It was a bog day today.

The class finally earned their pizza party and I was ready to deliver.

Actually, Papa John’s delivered.

Normally, I am not a fan of their pizza, but the synagogue had an account with them so I had no choice.

The slices were double cut, so a pizza had 16 pieces, which made me feel better when I found out my students were eating 4 of them.

They were so well behaved, but I wondered why they were all asking me if there was garlic sauce.

Garlic sauce?

Never heard of it, but i noticed a few containers of it and I had to try this thing that all the kids wanted.

Turns out that garlic sauce just means melted butter.

I took the container, poured it on a slice of pizza, folded the pizza in half and ate it.

Forget the fact that drawn butter was dribbling down my face, I was in heaven.

I HIGHLY recommend pouring butter on pizza.

It’s so amazing.

And about those Obama Shirts.

Check these out!


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