A Shot Glass Full of Cake

A Shot Glass Full of Cake.

Let’s get back to basics here.

I know I have talked about Hot Jewish Girls, Pedro Martinez Cock Fighting Video, Obama Shirts, Giants Super Bowl Shirts and other stuff lately, but today I made an amazing discovery.

Let me go back for a second.

First off, I woke up and realized it was a beautiful day.

Almost 80 degrees, and since I was in San Diego I figured that I would go to the beach.

Never made it though as I stopped in Pacific Beach for a few minutes.

Then, I decided I was hungry and I heard good things about Barons Market.

So, I went and bought deli mustard (the real stuff) and pretzels.

Thought I would go back in time to when I would sleep at my grandmother’s as a kid and she would give me broken hard pretzels in a paper bowl with a little bit of deli mustard.

It was great.

Really took me back.

But then after a nap, I went out for Chinese food.

It was good.

Not great, but still good.

It wasn’t till dessert that I had an, “oh wow” moment.

Dessert was at P.F. Changs.

Yes, I went to another Chinese food place for dessert.

Just wanted coffee and a place where we could chill outside so I could have a smoke.

Check this out.

Besides their 3 desserts on the menu, they have this think called mini desserts.

2 bucks a piece.

It’s cake in a shot glass.

So, instead of getting a 7 dollar piece of the Great Wall of Chocolate, I was able to split 3 1 1/2 oz portions of carrot cake, chocolate cake and banana cream pie.

Finally someone thought of this.

Mini Desserts.

What a concept.

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