Flight Info

Help me out here.

FatJewishGuy.com has been getting a lot of traffic from forums.flightinfo.com.

I want to know why.

True, I have flown lately.

True, I have asked for Flight Info, but normally I just go online and check on the website.

I tried looking on the site, but it costs ten dollars to join.

If you happen to be a member of the Flight Info Forums, please shoot me an email and tell me what it says about me?

I am curious.

If you are really lucky, I will provide you with one free Flight Info gathering for you.

Here is what I propose.

The first person who tells me why my link is in that forum will get detailed info on a flight.


You tell me your Flight Info and I will tell you if it’s on time.


In the meantime, I had some good food today.

Rolled Tacos from La Salsa.




Farfalle pasta with salmon in a vodka sauce. (Farfalle is Spanish for bow tie) and a chocolate mousse cake for dessert.

I also received a surprise email from my new adversary.

No, not the Riddler.

The landlord.

Looks like we might settle.

But, I am to full right now to even think about it.

You know what?

I’m gonna just look at some Hot Jewish Girls in the meantime.

And check on my flight.

Oh yeah, Crowned is on tonight. Who will get de-sashed?

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