Returning Life to Walmart

Normally, I would wait until the end of the day to write.

However, this morning was so perfect I have to share.

The Persian and Shorty went to pick oranges this morning.

I don’t know the exact legalities of it, but since there was no angry neighbors running after them with a pitchfork, I assume it was a successful mission.

Smarty and I were in the kitchen drinking coffee and making French Toast.

I had soaked the bread in egg and cinamon last night, so between the fresh squeezed OJ and the custard like toast, needless to say it was a good way to wake up.

Oh, my g-d.

I forgot to mention that there were bagels.

From LA.

They were good, but they weren’t as good as NY bagels.

Wait, I am complaining?

There is nothing to complain about.

I woke up in paradise.

Now, I get to go back to Walmart to return the games from last night and buy new ones.

We are thinking about Monopoly with electronic banking.

I am thinking about lunch.

Then dinner.

Then the ball drop.

Normally, I would be thinking about how to cheat at Monopoly.

Damn you technology.

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