Fat Jewish Guy Time warp

I can’t believe that I was in New York just this morning.

Bu some modern miracle, I took off at 6 am, flew for 8 hours and landed at 10.

I think it has something to do with a flex capacitor, but I wasn’t sure.

San Diego hasn’t changed much since I left.
The airport, looked the same, and shorty had the same car.

It was nice to come back to some consistency.

As we drove down the freeway, (highway for you East Coasters) I marveled at the palm trees, the crystal clear waters and the 70 degree temperature.

Just a few hours earlier I was in the cold weather.

Now, I was back in paradise.

Not to say that I don’t miss the east.

I do.

A lot.

But for now I am in Cali.

I went to an all you can eat sushi buffet for lunch.

Then I took a nap.

Then a Turkey leg for dinner.

Wait, I forgot.

While I was waiting for the leg to cook, I ate a hot dog.

Still not a bad day.

The Three Amigos, which is Spanish for “the two friends” was on TV.

Popped some popcorn and watched it.

It really is a good movie.

I had forgotten.

Yet, as the movie ended, I tried to think about what my El Guapo is.

As of this writing, I am not sure what my personal El Guapo stands for.

I will contemplate and let you know.

But for now, it’s seltzer time.

Just something to think about….

15 dollars for all you can eat sushi.

Think I might get sick?

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