Barbadoro Triplets and Brunch

See that look in my eye?

That’s called happiness.

I am eating real NY pizza, on the set of a music video, surrounded by HOT women.

People do drugs to get to this level of euphoria.
I just needed some dough, cheese and sauce.

The day started with my waking up to brunch.

This is how we do it on the East Coast.



Baked salmon.

Whitefish salad.

Cream cheese.




Swiss cheese.

None of that So-Cal bull-sh*t.

So then I went into the City to do the shoot.

Now its 3 am my time and I wait for my flight.

It’s lonely.

Shorty isn’t here to be with me.

I think I will live.

Fat Jewish Guy with the Barbadoro triplets

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