The Roof The Roof The Roof Is On ….


It was my birthday.

I woke up to fresh Dunkin Donuts coffee and dark chocolate.

No brisket today.

There was a party to be had.

A nice 40 minute drive north and I was working on 3 computers at once.

I love doing it, but the treat was when lunch was served.

Chicken taquitos, chicken nuggets and apple slices.

The apples threw me off, but believe me they were a nice touch.

After lunch, I returned to fixing.

About an hour later I was handed a milkshake made of Butterfinger ice cream.

Can you say it’s going to be a great year?

So I finish and drive South.

There was a party and I was the guest of honor.

The guest list was a little eclectic, being that there were religious Jews, Mormons and comedians attending.

The religious Jews were going to bring their own grill and somehow this was all going to work out.

Well, people started arriving and the first round of food was served.

My phone rang and it was the Jews.

I met them outside to help them carry in the grill, when I was greeted by a bucket, charcoal and chicken wire.

No, this isn’t a set up to a joke.

This was their grill.

So, I take it upstairs and decide that it probably is not a good idea to set this mettle bucket on a wooden balcony.

“I know!”

“I will put it on carpet,” I thought to myself.

I mean come on.

Carpet as we all know isn’t flammable right?

So, as i made the kabobs and chicken.

As we ate salad, potatoes, chips, salsa and veggies, we all dint notice the smoke.

I mean it was a BBQ right?


How in the hell did I manage to set a balcony on fire?

Not once but twice?

How did Steph not cancel the party and tell us all to get the hell out?

These are mysteries we can all ponder.

But in the end it was great.

I spend my birthday just as I wanted to.

With friends.

It was amazing and if I am lucky enough to spend every birthday with these great people I will be honored.

Then came the cake.

Then came the brownies.

Then came the macaroons.

And when they finally came for me…there was no one left.

Thanks to: Steph, Hanina, Emanuel, Jessica, Jessica, Tim, Old Roy, Mike, Guam, Brad, Ella, Avrum, Mike, Joe, Vicki & Lou for making this a great night!

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