The Holy Grail

You know what?

I don’t care about anything that happened today.

Yes, it started it good.

I was doing some work up North.

True, it was a productive day.

But, as we learn, what goes up must come down.

As I was driving to Hebrew School my car started to smoke.

No, not like Marlboro’s.

Like, thick gray smoke.

So, I open up the hood and see green fluid everywhere.

Thanks to my new cell phone (It’s not pink, it’s champagne), I was able to google and find out that green means a coolant leak.

What a coincidence, I had coolant in my trunk.

Figuring out where it went was tricky, but I asked a nice Asian man and he said he once owned a Honda (go figure).

Once it was in, it was back on the highway and on the way to teach.

Never happened.

I was able to flag down a tow truck about a mile from my exit.

The thermometer was way above normal.

The car was about to blow.

The tow truck guy was Iraqi.

Anyway, I got a ride to work, had my car towed to a shop and proceeded to teach the kids.

That’s not where this story gets good though.

My G/F picks me up and wants to go to dinner.

I didn’t feel like Mexican so we settled on Chinese.

Like real Jews though, I wanted to see the menu before I committed.



They actually had General Tso’s Chicken.

I have been searching for this for over a year.

No one on the west coast has it.

Finally, I sat down with her and the Mexican and enjoyed a great meal.

(By the way, chicken flower soup actually means egg drop)

So, what started out as a nightmare ended up all good.

I would take a blown radiator any day, to find new places to eat General Tso’s.

Oh my g-d….

I just realized that they don’t use broccoli out here.

If anyone knows where to get good General Tso’s please email me.

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