The Economist Hates Israel

I was reading in the bathroom today.

I had a choice between Sharper Image and The Economist.

Digesting food makes me feel intellectual, so I flipped open the pages and started reading an article.

It happened to be about Israel and I kept reading.

Biased is not a word to describe this piece.

To be fair, maybe it was just the specific author who hated Israel’s right to exist?

I am not sure.

Dinner was great.

The quiet one made some chicken, soup, salad, cous cous, and potatoes.

I didn’t think I would like her chicken as it had white wine, vinegar, prunes and olives in it.

I have never knowingly eaten anything with prunes in it.

I stand by this statement.

I would never lie about eating prunes.

It never happened and if it did, whoever says so is not telling the truth.

So, I eat the prunes and I must say it was kind of good.

Apple crumble for dessert.

I was good to go.

Coffee afterwards.

Two cups.

Now I am up at 330 am.

Great choice.

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