No Soup For You

This weeks Torah portion talks about Jacob deceiving Esau by telling trading him lentil soup for his birthright.


Totally good deal.

I don’t know if I would trade my birthright for some lentil soup, but if it was cream of barley I would be all over it.

We know the rest of the story.

Jacob became king of the Jews, but the Romans weren’t happy about it.

He went into hiding and changed his name to Joshua, which when they were translating the bible misread as Jesus.

So they nailed him to the cross.

And that’s how Christianity was invented.

All for a bowl of soup.

I had brisket today.

I would say it was to die for, but it’s trivial now after I know what Jacob went through.

However, the chullant I made was definitely worth a crucifixion.

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