Lead Story

Long day.

Still can’t talk about it, but lets just say that my life can now be called San Diego Legal.

As I was walking out of the courthouse, there was a nice immigrant selling coffee.

I decided to support him in his quest to better himself and bought a cup.

The coffee was great, but the panini roll which I buttered with no salt could have been a little bit better.

So, I go to the lawyer’s office and wait.

And wait.

And wait.

Take a walk.

Buy some smokes.

Eat a Tums.

And wait.

Ok, he’s back.

Had a quick talk and then went to help someone clean out a car.

I know.

It’s very ironic.

Me cleaning a car.

But what can I say.

She had soup waiting.

Went to teach.

It went well.

We made Chanukah cards and I ate candy.

Now I am off for a week from school.

Time to get paid!

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