Knocked Up

I can’t believe they made a movie about me.

I just saw knocked up and it was amazing.

So many similarities.

I mean it’s really weird.

Though I will say that I didn’t get fat over a nine month period.

I didn’t work for E.

I also didn’t have a melt down in the middle of a street where I kicked someone out of may car.


Maybe I did.

But that is irrelevant.

I did learn today that astringent means alcohol.


Do not put that on your face guys if you are shaving at your girlfriends in the morning.

I felt like I was in Home Alone.

Isn’t he a crack head now?

Oh well.

Who cares.

He’s rich as hell and I am sitting at home, nursing a hurt tooth and watching movies with friends.

Did I mention that I made dinner?

Fried veggies.

They are healthy, yet tasty all at once.

Also, I created a new dessert.

Apples stuffed with ice cream, brownies and pudding.

Some say I am a nice guy.

I say I am super bad!

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