Eye Of The Tiger

I may be delusional.

There is a slight possibility of this.

Let me explain.

With 8 minutes left in the Eagles game today, down by 24 points, I totally expected that we would come back.

I mean, it’s the Eagles were are talking about.

Any other football team I would have turned off the game and done something else.

But not this night.

Not this team.

We lost anyway, but it was down to the wire.

All we needed was 4 touchdowns.

Score, onside kick, recover, score, onside kick.,

Rinse and repeat.

This is the life of a Philadelphia sports fan.

We can have it all.

The holy grail is within reach.

Yet we always seem to blow it.

I contemplate this as I eat some chicken soup.

As the weekend eat fest winds down, I need to clear my insides out with some broth.

True, the broth has chicken, vegetables and matzo balls in it, but why argue semantics?

According to Weight Watchers this whole concoction only has 1 point.

Of course the matzo balls have a few points in them, but that’s what flex points are for.

Technically, I still have 24 points left today.

I am going to sleep in 8 minutes.

Think there is a comeback in the cards?

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