Bad Ass Coffee


This place exists.

Somewhere in LA there is a coffee shop bearing that name.

I walk in there and get a cup.

“One coffee please.”

They had no idea what I ordered.

Do i want full body or medium?

I said large.

She was like no, what kind of coffee do I want.

I replied with, “Who’s on first.”

I got my coffee.

Also, I finally had a hard salami sandwich.

Not bad for the West coast.

But I digress.

I got to see the Reagen Presidential library and also found out that the inventor of the Bra Clasp is from LA.


So I get back to the house and take a nap.

Then dinner.

Brisket, potatoes, lots of ketchup, salad, bread, apple sauce, mashed potatoes, brownies, coffee, cookies.

I Love this Holiday.

Then to Starbucks.

Now finally Tums and sleep.


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