Vote For BiBi

So my man BiBi is running again for office. Its about time. While this may be my most controversial post to date (and there have only been 2) I have to lay it out on the line. What happened two weeks ago was a disgrace. Ariel Sharon should never have given back Gaza and parts of the West Bank.

Let me explain it in terms that most people can understand.

When a baby is crying, kicking and screaming asking for candy you would normally say no. The reason being that if you give in to the baby, then he or she will just learn that all they have to do is kick and scream and they will always get candy.

In psychological terms this is called positive and negative reinforcement.

However, when you no longer want to give the baby candy, they learn that all they have to do is escalate their behavior and then they will get what they want, for example they may start banging their head. Eventually you will give in and give them candy.

Had you not succumb to their original crying, they would quickly lose their taste for candy.

So, to bring this back to the Palestinian situation. All Israel did was give up territory in response to Palestinian terrorism. They got nothing in return, no assurances that the bombings would stop, (and in fact they resumed this week) and everyone knows that all they want to do is march on to Jerusalem.

The Palestinians learned from Sharon’s actions that if they want to get more land all they will have to do is ramp up their bombings and Israel will succumb to the pressure.

Benyamin Netanyahu is challenging Sharon for leadership of the Likud. If he wins and succeeds in getting new elections prior to November, 2006 then maybe the country will be able to move forward knowing that it’s security will not be compromised on a dream.

That’s all the evacuation of Gaza was, a dream and a hope that things will get better if only the crying and screaming stops. Sharon, can’t sell out the security of Israel for a good nights sleep. If the enemy wants something from us, then give in return.

As they say: No shirt, No Shoes, No Service.


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