Rittenhouse Square

So I am sitting here on 18th street in Philadelphia, an area which has been dubbed Rittenhouse Square by the posh Philadelphia elite. Recently with the advent of the Continental Midtown, one of the newest Steven Starr creations, the area is now prone to a name change. Yes, I am referring to people trying to live out some sick Manhattan fetish and calling the area Midtown.

First off, there is no Midtown. Get that straight.

Second, if you need a reason to sip overpriced martinis and look and gorgeous women, then you can just sit on the square at such spots as Blue and Rouge. (both as pretentious, but at least they didn’t try and reinvent the city.)

So I sit here and I watch gorgeous women pass me by. They all have golden tans and are wearing the latest fashions. Their pearly white teeth sparkle in the sunlight, and they carry cups of coffee from exotic shops such as La Colombe.

As I watch the latest beauty walk by, I have to wonder to myself…..Do these women work?

I would like to think that they do, maybe they have night jobs, maybe they are just on their way to the office, but the more that I watch and observe, the more I see that no they don’t. They have their charge cards and they know how to use them.

Would I like to date one of them?
Could I afford to?
But regardless, if there is anywhere in the city of Philadelphia that these specimens belong, its in Midtown.
I mean Rittenhouse Square.

  • jeff

    The first rule of midtown is that there is no midtown. I mean, what the fuck? I’m going to create a neighborhood demarcating the three houses that comprise 2111, 2113 and 2115 Wallace Street. Call it what you want. I’ll call it “uptown.”

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