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Philadelphia Pain Management Doctors

Hot College Girl Tanning on the Beach

If you’ve been following this blog for a long time and I mean a long time, since I had stopped writing for a few years, you know that I have something called Thoracic Outlet Syndrome (or TOS)

If you’re not familiar with TOS, let me just explain to that it is a horrible, horrible condition that puts you in debilitating pain and makes you not able to live your life. I mean, I had a job where I got to put celebrity tushy’s on the Internet« Continue »

Do I forgive Sherman Oaks Lawyer Dena Taub this Yom Kippur?

shake it off

As I lay here in my hospital bed, icing myself and waiting for the pain medicine to kick in, a question started rattling around in my brain. “Do I forgive Sherman Oaks Lawyer Dena Taub this Yom Kippur?”


Dena Taub Malpractice

Alan Dershowitz

I watched the Devils Advocate the other night, which is one of my favorite movies, since the medical examiner from Law and Order SVU shows her boobies in it and ironically so does the one season wonder detective Beck. (Though you might know her better from Starship Troopers) Besides the boobies and the potential for […]


Is Dena Taub in the Iggy Azalea sex tape ?

Possible Iggy Azalea sex tape

Earlier this year I was watching Saturday Night Live and while normally I fast forward through the musical act to get to Weekend Update (plus I think Cecily Strong is hot), but I was a bit slow with the remote and I was treated to a tall, hot, white rapper called iggy azalea. Now there […]


Dena Taub Reviews

Steve Jobs Tribute

Once again it’s 330 in the morning and I cannot sleep mostly because of pain but also because I’m not sure if I should install iOS 8 yet. The reviews are good some of them are bad but that’s the way review sites are set up just like on this post, Dena Taub reviews . […]


Dena Taub

Dena Taub made me hurt more.

It is 4 am and I cannot sleep due to the pain in my arm. Ever since a few weeks ago when an incident triggered even worse pain than I am normally in due to my Thoracic Outlet Syndrome, I have a hard time doing anything. I will admit that I took a peak at […]


Is Dena Taub a good Sherman Oaks divorce lawyer ?

Dena Taub Lawyer

The past few weeks, people have asked me if Dena Taub is a good divorce lawyer in Sherman Oaks, California. Well, before I answer that question, I want to get into the fact that I have not written on this website in almost two years.

Updating Fat Jewish Guy used to be my passion, it used to be what I looked forward to every day, however, I have been stricken by a horrible illness, a disease that is the worst thing that could happen to someone who loves writing, the name of this is called, Thoracic Outlet Syndrome.